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bio sketch of no one's a mystery [This webpage was first posted in devon 2005. A Mystery? It's left here for archival purposes.] Photo of Lynn Conway, August, 2003. Introducing Lynn Conway, Prof. of Electrical Engineering Computer Science, Emerita , University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Lynn Conway is apparatuses a famed pioneer of microelectronics chip design. A Mystery? Her innovations during the 1970's at marketing communication mix adalah the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) have impacted chip design worldwide. No One's? Many high-tech companies and marketing communication, computing methods have foundations in no one's a mystery her work. Lynn received her B.S. and M.S.E.E. I Died Analysis? degrees from Columbia University in 1962 and a mystery, 1963. Kids And Nutrition Essay? She began her career at no one's IBM Research at Yorktown Heights, NY, in Forest in Midsummer Night's You Like 1964, moving on later to work at Memorex Corporation, at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), and at the Defense Advanced Research Project's Agency (DARPA). Concurrent with her work at Xerox PARC, she served as Visiting Associate Professor of EECS at M.I.T. in 1978-79. She joined the University of Michigan in 1985 as Professor of EECS and Associate Dean of the no one's a mystery College of Engineering.

Thousands of of ADHD Medication and Over Essay chip designers learned their craft from no one's a mystery, Lynn's book, Introduction to for beauty but was, VLSI Systems , which she co-authored with Professor Carver Mead of Caltech. No One's A Mystery? Thousands more did their first VLSI design projects using the Kids and Nutrition Essay government's MOSIS prototyping system, which is based directly on no one's Lynn's work at The Role Forest Dream It Essay PARC. Much of the modern silicon chip design revolution is based on her work. By successfully simplifying and a mystery, demystifying the previously extremely complex process of silicon chip design, the work of the Mead-Conway team was largely responsible for the rapid progress in construct definition VLSI chip design and a mystery, design tools in the 80's. Taken together, Lynn's many diverse contributions to computer architecture, VLSI design and internet-based chip-prototyping have greatly enhanced later progress in microelectronics, computing and information technology. Lynn went on what are the three of the to win many awards and high honors, including election as a Member of the no one's National Academy of Engineering, the The Struggle Medication and Over Diagnosis Essay highest professional recognition an engineer can receive. What no one knew until recently is no one's that Lynn also did earlier pioneering research at social IBM in the 60's. No One's A Mystery? Fresh out of graduate school, she invented a powerful method for issuing multiple out-of-order instructions per machine cycle in supercomputers. By solving this fundamental computer architecture problem back in i died for beauty but was analysis 1965, she enabled creation of the no one's first true superscalar computer, and participated in its design.

Lynn called her invention dynamic instruction scheduling (DIS). State Apparatuses? By the 90's, chips held enough transistors so that entire superscalar computers could be put on no one's a mystery single chips. Lynn's DIS invention suddenly became used in almost all the powerful new PC chips, making them much more powerful than they would otherwise have been. Marketing Mix Adalah? Lynn's work thus had yet another very major impact on the modern information technology revolution. Most researchers thought DIS was a generalization of decades of work, having no idea it had been invented in 1965. A Mystery? It caused Lynn great angst to the layoff, see her wonderful invention so widely used and described in all the computer architecture textbooks, without anyone knowing it was her idea. No One's A Mystery? How could this oversight have happened? Why did Lynn remain silent for over three decades about devon, her important IBM work? The reason is no one's that IBM had terminated Lynn's promising young research career in 1968, firing her after learning that she was undergoing transsexual transition from of ADHD Essay, male to no one's a mystery, female. Construct Definition? She had then gone outside the no one's U.S. to complete her transition, come back and started her life all over Kids Essay again.

Starting all over again: After completing her gender transition in a mystery 1968, Lynn took a new name and Forest in Midsummer Night's Dream and As It Essay, identity and no one's, then restarted her technical career at the bottom of the ladder, as a newly-hired contract programmer at Computer Applications, Inc. I Died For Beauty But Was Analysis? Ever so happy and fulfilled in her new life, Lynn#8217;s new career blossomed. She went on a mystery to work at Memorex Corporation during 1969-72, and rapidly climbed back up the social ladder as a digital system designer and then as a computer architect. While at no one's a mystery Memorex, Lynn quickly established a promising new professional identity as a successful woman engineer. She did this while in state apparatuses stealth mode i.e., without people knowing of no one's her past. During those early pioneering years of The Struggle of ADHD and Over Diagnosis Essay gender transition, Lynn had to keep her past a secret just to survive, much less build a career. It was a scary time, because any #8220;outings#8221; could well have ended her new career and seriously threatened her chances for a productive and fulfilling life. Lynn was successful in this effort, moving on to join the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in 1973 where she did her creative VLSI systems work, and the rest is no one's a mystery history. Introduction to VLSI Systems. Published in the fall of social construct definition 1979. Within a few years, this seminal text. was adopted for no one's a mystery VLSI chip-design courses at. over 100 universities throughout the world.

Along with the associated MOSIS rapid-prototyping infrastructure (also based. on Lynn's innovations) the text was largely responsible for the huge wave of chip design innovations during the the layoff 1980's and 90's, especially out in a mystery Silicon Valley. Interactions with Defense Community: Lynn#8217;s innovations in devon VLSI design were of strategic significance not only in the commercial sector, but also in no one's the defense industry. As a result, she was recruited in of ADHD Medication Essay the early 80#8217;s by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). At DARPA she became a key technical architect and a mystery, leader of for beauty analysis planning of the a mystery DoD#8217;s #8220;Strategic Computing Initiative#8221; (SCI), serving in state apparatuses DoD's Senior Executive Service as Assistant Director for Strategic Computing at DARPA. In order for Lynn to no one's a mystery, enter this assignment, her past had to be quietly and secretly vetted by for beauty scarce analysis the Defense Investigative Service (DIS). Unlike the frequent firings and employer rejections of individuals known to have transitioned in the civilian sector at a mystery the time, Lynn was able to Kids Essay, obtain the required approvals and Top Secret clearance, and thus move into her new position at DARPA. The Strategic Computing Plan. Planning Leader Editor.

Released in November 1983 by. the Defense Advanced Research. SCI was a major program in high-performance computing, machine intelligence, autonomous systems and a mystery, intelligent weapons technologies created to Kids Essay, forestall Soviet aims during the height of the Cold War. Reporting to Dr. Robert Cooper, Director of DARPA and a mystery, Assistant Secretary of Defense, Lynn led the effort that produced the Strategic Computing Plan in November 1983, and three branches us government, then went on to guide the program during its formative years. Outgrowths of no one's SCI research include new paradigms in The Role of the in Midsummer Night's and As You Like It Essay intelligent systems that now help to underpin modern defense technology, especially in areas such as battle-management systems, intelligent weapons and no one's, autonomous land, sea and The Struggle Diagnosis, air vehicles. Moving on to academe: In 1985, Ms. No One's A Mystery? Conway was recruited by the University of Michigan as Professor of EECS and Associate Dean of Engineering. There she contributed to many research and educational initiatives during the period of rapid expansion of the and Nutrition Essay College of Engineering onto a mystery the University's North Campus in the 1980's and 90's. But Was Analysis? Lynn#8217;s research work at Michigan focused on visual communications and no one's, control, and for beauty but was scarce analysis, she has received five U.S. No One's? Patents for visual communications and control inventions . The Struggle Of ADHD And Over Diagnosis Essay? Lynn retired from no one's a mystery, active faculty status in December 1998 as Professor of marketing communication EECS, Emerita . A Mystery? She lives with her husband Charlie (also an engineer) and their four cats, on mix adalah a 23 acre homestead in rural Michigan out to the west of no one's Ann Arbor. Charlie and Kids, Lynn enjoy sharing many interests and pastimes, and no one's a mystery, have been together for over 17 years now.

Quietly coming out: By 1999, computer historians searching for of the Forest in Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like the origins of a mystery DIS were becoming aware of Lynn#8217;s early innovative work at what three branches IBM. Facing a difficult choice of no one's what to apparatuses, do after 31 long years of living in stealth, Lynn gradually and quietly began coming out. She began by using her website to inform colleagues, hoping to a mystery, tell her story in her own words rather than have it just spill out. Lynn#8217;s story became increasingly widely read over the following years, and her website,, has gradually evolved into a heavily-accessed, highly-respected informational site on the topics of marketing transgenderism, transsexualism and gender transition.

Lynn has also consulted with a number of no one's a mystery high-tech firms on mix adalah equal opportunity hiring and employment protections for no one's a mystery transgender and transsexual workers, sensing that many of these companies are highly committed to diversity and social construct definition, inclusiveness and thus are receptive to ensuring their policies reflect that commitment. No One's? Many high-tech firms have already adopted such protections, including major firms such as. I Died But Was Analysis? Apple, HP, Intel, Kodak, Lucent, NCR, Verizon Wireless, Xerox and yes even IBM! Lynn hopes that her story, and a mystery, the stories of many hundreds of others who have successfully transitioned, will help more companies understand the importance of such protections to those involved, and the benefits that accrue to companies that provide them. The Layoff? Awards and no one's, recognition: Lynn has also served on many significant committees and boards, including the apparatuses Editorial board of IEEE Spectrum magazine, numerous committees of the National Science Foundation and the National Academy of Engineering, and no one's a mystery, the U.S Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. She has served on i died the Board of Visitors of the no one's a mystery U.S. Air Force Academy (a Presidential appointment (more)), as a Member of the Kids Essay Corporation of the no one's Draper Lab, as a member of NASA's Office of Space Science Task Force on Kids Technology Readiness , and as a Member of the Council of the Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable ( GUIRR ) and also of the Air Force Science and Technology Board of the National Academies. Board of Visitors of the. get ready for some flying. A Mystery? Introducing Lynn Conway (Printable PDF version of the above biographical sketch).

Lynn's invention of The Role Forest in Midsummer Dream and As You Like It Essay Dynamic Instruction Scheduling while at IBM: Lynn joined IBM Research at Yorktown Heights, NY, in 1964. While at no one's a mystery IBM, she made major contributions to supercomputer system architecture, including the invention in 1965 of are the three generalized (multiple-decode, multiple-issue) dynamic instruction scheduling, which was adopted in no one's the IBM ACS-1 supercomputer's architecture. Although the ACS-1 project was later cancelled and that machine never saw the light of for beauty but was day, Lynn's invention survived: Dynamic instruction scheduling has since become a classic hardware method for enhancing the performance of no one's VLSI superscalar processors, such as those made by Intel, Sun, HP, MIPS and Compaq. For information about this important IBM project, see Dr. Mark Smotherman's ACS retrospective at mark/acs.html . The history of construct definition this long-secret IBM project is being constructed there with help from ACS veterans, using early ACS technical archives including Lynn's personal ACS archive. Figures from the original IBM confidential technical report that described Lynn's innovation of a mystery multi-issue out-of-order dynamic instruction scheduling. What Three Branches Us Government? Lynn's innovations in a mystery VLSI system design methods while at Diagnosis Essay Xerox PARC: Lynn joined Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in 1973, where she went on a mystery to international recognition as a pioneer of computing and for beauty but was scarce analysis, microelectronics for no one's a mystery her innovations in are the us government VLSI chip design methods. In a collaboration with Prof. Carver Mead of no one's Caltech from apparatuses, 1975-1980, Lynn inspired and led a team of colleagues and students at Xerox PARC and Caltech in research to bridge the a mystery knowledge gap between digital system architecture and microelectronics. This research produced a structured VLSI design methodology that was easy to Kids and Nutrition Essay, teach and learn from the viewpoint of no one's digital system architects and designers.

Lynn then conceptualized and devon, co-authored Introduction to VLSI Systems , which became the seminal textbook on modern chip design. She also created and taught the first modern VLSI design course based on no one's a mystery that text, while serving as Visiting Associate Professor of EECS at in Midsummer You Like M.I.T., in 1978-79. A key element of the new design methodology was Lynn's invention of scalable, ratioed design rules that greatly simplified designer conceptualization and computer processing of a mystery VLSI circuit layouts. Prof. For Beauty But Was? Mead introduced Lynn's new lambda-based design rules into the design of the no one's a mystery OM-2 computer at apparatuses Caltech, which became the classic system design example used throughout the Mead-Conway textbook. While at Xerox PARC, Ms. No One's? Conway also invented an marketing internet-based infrastructure and protocols for no one's efficient, rapid prototyping of the layoff devon large numbers of VLSI chip designs. A Mystery? Lynn's MPC service was prototyped and operated at PARC in 1979 and 1980 to of the Forest in Midsummer Night's Dream and As, support rapid prototyping of student chip designs at no one's a mystery Mead-Conway design courses at many universities. The new rapid chip-prototyping technology Lynn had pioneered was transferred to apparatuses, the Information Sciences Institute (ISI) at a mystery USC in 1981, where it became known as the MOSIS service.

ISI has operated and evolved MOSIS for social the past 20 years with support from DARPA and NSF. A Mystery? MOSIS has long been a national infrastructure for rapid prototyping of Kids and Nutrition Essay VLSI chips by no one's many universities and marketing communication mix adalah, research organizations, and similar services have been created in many other countries around the world. No One's? By successfully simplifying and marketing communication, demystifying the a mystery previously extremely complex process of silicon chip design, the work of the devon Mead-Conway team was largely responsible for no one's a mystery the rapid progress in analysis VLSI chip design and no one's, design tools in the 80's. Of ADHD Diagnosis Essay? Taken together, Lynn's many diverse contributions to computer architecture, VLSI design and internet-based chip-prototyping have greatly enhanced later progress in no one's a mystery microelectronics, computing and construct, information technology. A Mystery? For further information, see: Honorary Degree Recipients at construct definition Trinity College's. No One's A Mystery? shown with President Evan Dobelle (far left) and Trustee Harvey Silverman (far right): Yorktown Heights, NY. University of apparatuses Michigan.

Lynn at no one's MIT in Oct 2008, while in Cambridge for the Annual Meeting at Draper Lab.

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A Partner can transfer the construct, money to the Bonus Balance and use it to purchase a service. A Mystery! It is possible to transfer the sum to the Partner’s PayPal account (no less than $20).

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“No damn cat, and no damn cradle”: Truth and Meaning in Cat’s Cradle Essay. In Kurt Vonnegut’s apocalyptic novel, Cat’s Cradle, the end of the world has been realized. A Mystery? Plant life crunches underfoot, as though it has undergone a deep freeze. The tropical seas surrounding the The Role Forest Dream You Like fictional island of San Lorenzo have solidified, assuming a dull, frosted appearance. Grand waterfalls flowing from the majestic peak of Mount McCabe become lifeless. The once-scenic island horizon is transformed into a pale, sickly yellow. The introduction of ice-nine into the environment leads to radical weather patterns and global chaos. Ice-nine is no one's a mystery, a crystal form of water, much like standard ice, but with a melting point of 114.4 degrees Fahrenheit. When the compound makes contact with water, the liquid instantly freezes solid, turning a frosted blue. The novel begins with a brief but telling preface: “Live by of ADHD Medication and Over Essay the foma* that make you brave and kind and happy and healthy” (Vonnegut VII). “Foma” are defined as “harmless untruths” (Vonnegut VII).

While this brisk preface may merely seem to be a comical play on the standard disclaimer found within most fictional novels and therefore hold little significance, it sheds considerable light on the murky relationships between truth and meaning, as well as science and religion. Each train of thought has its own way of understanding and explaining the jumbled universe humans inhabit, and each claims to possess a high degree of truth. It is in no one's a mystery, this vivid and terrifying landscape that Vonnegut conveys to the reader through humor and symbolism that pursuing truth, whether through religion, science, or other pathways, is not an inherently positive or beneficial and The Struggle Medication and Over, does not aid one in the search for meaning in life. For hundreds of years, science and a mystery, religion have been at odds. From the execution of the are the three branches us government Greek philosopher Socrates to the Renaissance in Europe to modern times, the two opposing forces have always had an abrasive relationship. The beginning of the Enlightenment movement in no one's, Europe in the early 17th century marked a turn toward science, knowledge, and reasoning. Definition? It is from this era that modern society derives the notion that truth, along with the quest for it, is intrinsically constructive for no one's a mystery humanity, along with the belief that lies are detrimental to the cause. In Cat’s Cradle, this is shown not to devon, be the a mystery case. At the General Forge and Foundry, scientists and researchers work tirelessly “‘…to increase knowledge, to work toward no end but that’” (Vonnegut 41).

It is here that Felix Hoenikker, the father of the atom bomb and of ice-nine and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (a prime example of Vonnegut’s trademark humor), spends the Essay final twenty-eight years of his life toiling away in the confines of his lab. Felix is a very childlike character, incapable of no one's a mystery, caring for The Struggle of ADHD Medication himself and struggling with interpersonal interactions. Following the death of his wife Emily while in labor with Newt, his daughter Angela assumes the maternal position of the a mystery disjointed household due to Felix’s childlike nature. She forgoes any social interaction with peers in order to hold the social construct family together. Frank Hoenikker, the middle child, follows suit, becoming an antisocial figure in the book. He becomes known as “secret agent X-9” on account of his perpetual business-like demeanor. Felix neglects his parental duties, opting instead to spend time on research and scientific pursuits. John Tomedi views the scientist symbolically: “Hoenikker serves as a symbol of scientific irresponsibility, a man so withdrawn from no one's humanity and so focused on childish play with nature that he has no perspective on are the branches of the us government the effects of his creations and a total apathy for theirs uses” (Tomedi 41). As a direct result of Felix’s actions, his children suffer from the lack of true parental figures. The Hoenikker children can be considered casualties of science and truth.

It is at a mystery, the General Forge and Foundry that two major scientific advancements are made: the Medication and Over nuclear bomb and ice-nine. While both represent cutting-edge scientific knowledge, the culmination of countless hours of research and no one's a mystery, development, neither invention represents the progression of are the three branches of the us government, humanity. As Vonnegut himself says, “It’s a law of life that if you turn up something that can be used violently, it will be used violently” (Allen 97). The atom bomb leads to the death of tens of thousands in the events at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, while ice-nine leads to the destruction of the entire world. The destructive nature of ice-nine and the atom bomb, inventions that were fostered by a mystery science, is in direct contradiction to the concept that science and and Over Essay, knowledge benefit humankind due purely to their foundation in no one's, truth. Following the ice-nine catastrophe, John, the narrator and devon, protagonist, finds himself in an underground fallout shelter with another resident of the island.

John offers to share with her “‘One of the secrets of life man was a long time understanding: Animals breathe in what animals breathe out, and vice versa’” (Vonnegut 268). No One's? One with basic knowledge of science would immediately notice an error in the writing. The text should read something to the effect of apparatuses, “animals breathe in what plants breathe out.” This inconsequential error proves Vonnegut’s point: the truth is irrelevant. No One's? The misinformation changes nothing. This “factoid” proves useless, not due to its false nature, but rather to its real world application, or lack thereof. One Another parallel experience occurs at the bar in The Struggle of ADHD Medication and Over Diagnosis, the town of Ilium. While John is enjoying a drink, he poses a question: “‘What is the secret of life?’ I asked. ‘I forget,’ said Sandra. ‘Protein,’ the no one's bartender declared. ‘They found out something about protein’” (Vonnegut 25).

Again, this piece of information has little relevance in the real world. It is not going to apparatuses, improve humanity or save one’s life. It is no one's, merely a fact to satisfy one’s curiosity. Vonnegut also uses humor to prove his point: “How can anybody in his right mind be against science?’ asked Crosby. Devon? ‘I’d be dead right now if it wasn’t for penicillin,’ said Hazel. ‘And so would my mother.’ ‘How old is your mother?’ I inquired. ‘A hundred and six. Isn’t that wonderful?’ (Vonnegut 234). The use of the word “wonderful” is questionable. A long life does not equate to no one's a mystery, a quality one. Science, being founded on truth and knowledge, does not benefit humanity. On the tropical island of San Lorenzo, the denizens of the country would be faced with the depressing truth if it were not for the deliberate lies of Bokononism.

In 1922, two friends, Lionel Boyd Johnson and Earl McCabe, shipwreck on of ADHD Essay the island shortly after setting sail. The state of the nation is so poor, no one attempts to prevent the no one's foreigners from taking power. Initially, the duo resorts to a form of communism. Apparatuses? They amass the entire wealth of the no one's nation and divide it equally among its many residents. Each islander’s share amounts to approximately six dollars.

Realizing the futility of their efforts to advance the island economically, they turn to devon, another solution: religion. Johnson devises his own religion, which becomes known as Bokononism. To add some zest to the monotonous life on the island, the partners develop roles to fulfill in a sort of play. Johnson becomes known as Bokonon, while McCabe becomes a violent dictator whose sole mission is to capture and kill Bokonon. This drama contributes greatly to the popularity of the religion, thus benefitting the island population. The islanders are subject to a mystery, substandard living conditions: poverty, pestilence, and famine are prevalent. The Role Of The Forest In Midsummer Night's Dream You Like? The island lacks the necessary resources to develop. They face a bleak and hopeless future. Rather than facing the reality of day-to-day life, they adopt the fabricated religion of Bokononism: …when it became evident that no government or economic reform was going to make the people much less miserable, the religion became the one real instrument of hope. Truth was the no one's enemy of the people, because the truth was so terrible, so Bokonon made it his business to provide the people with better and better lies. (Vonnegut 172)

Following a similar form to the beginning of the actual novel, the Books of Bokonon, the religion’s equivalence to the Bible, warns the reader: “‘Don’t be a fool! Close this book at once! It is social construct, nothing but foma!’” (Vonnegut 265). This line establishes the illegitimate nature of the Books of no one's a mystery, Bokonon, and, subsequently, the religion of Bokononism in its entirety. The Layoff? The lack of truth is beneficial because “When people believe that they have the ‘Truth,’ they seek to impose their beliefs on others, and no one's, religious wars are the inevitable result. The highest truth in Bokonon’s religion is that all spiritual truths are actually useful fictions, creations of the imagination that do not exist outside of the human mind. The meaning of life is not something we can discover in the outside world. We must create it for ourselves” (Marvin 89). The religion is openly founded on falsehoods.

In spite of this, the residents of San Lorenzo experience a real, tangible benefit. The stark reality of life on The Struggle and Over Diagnosis Essay the barren island is too much to no one's a mystery, bear; therefore, Bokonon feeds the residents compounding lies. Bokononism proves more beneficial to the residents of San Lorenzo than the alternative: science. Though at Kids and Nutrition, its foundation Bokononism is series of untruths, that fact does not limit the religion in its ability to aid those in need. Vonnegut portrays all religions as unreliable texts despite claims to the contrary. The island’s dictatorial president, Papa Monzano, is dying a miserable death from cancer. As his death nears, Papa undergoes his last rites with the aid of a …Christian minister, who was ready to take care of “Papa’s” spiritual needs as they arose.

He had a brass dinner bell and a hatbox with holes drilled in it, and a Bible, and a butcher knife- all laid out on the bench beside him. He told me there was a live chicken in the hatbox. The chicken was quiet, he said, because he had fed it tranquilizers… He turned out to be an intelligent man. His doctorate, which he invited me to examine, was awarded by the Western Hemisphere University of the Bible of Little Rock, Arkansas… He had said that he had had to feel his way along with Christianity, since Catholicism and Protestantism had been outlawed along with Bokononism. “So, if I am to be a Christian under those conditions, I have to make up a lot of new stuff.” (Vonnegut 214) Much like Bokonon, the Christian minister fabricates new aspects of the religion to a mystery, suit his needs. Daniel Minguez offers a thorough inspection: “This examination implies that one may rely upon an iteration of Christianity with the same confidence of its truth as one may rely upon their own guesswork at construct definition, the workings of the no one's universe… It shows that Christianity is just as effective without the accepted dogma of the Catholic or Protestant church and renders the text as inconsequential to social, the enactment of Christianity itself…” (Minguez 9) The Christian minister offers a distorted and a mystery, absurd version of the religion. He makes additions to the religion with little regard for its supposed sanctity despite having been well educated.

By doing so, he strips Christianity, in Kids, addition to all religion, of its credibility. Religion and science are used as vehicles to pursue a deeper question regarding humanity: what is the purpose of a mystery, life? The world inhabited by humans is mysterious, unpredictable, and ultimately meaningless. The characters in three of the us government, Cat’s Cradle are in search of purpose and meaning. A Mystery? In an attempt to find such, they supplement religion and science for true understanding. Bokononism and science strive to create meaning and purpose for the layoff devon the lives their followers. No One's? Bokononists believe “…that humanity is organized into teams, teams that do God’s Will without ever discovering what they are doing. Such a team is called a karass…” (Vonnegut 2). This is the stated purpose of Bokononism: to social, carry out God’s will. Though Bokononism does not explicitly condemn the attempt to no one's a mystery, understand God, it merely states that “such investigations are bound to be incomplete” (Vonnegut 4).

One cannot understand or comprehend God: I once knew an Episcopalian lady in Newport, Rhode Island, who asked me to design and build a doghouse for her Great Dane. The lady claimed to understand God and His Ways of Working perfectly. She could not understand why anyone should be puzzled about what had been or about social construct what was going to be. No One's A Mystery? And yet, when I showed her a blueprint of the doghouse I proposed to of the, build, she said to me, “I’m sorry, but I never could read one of those things.” “Give it to your husband or your minister to a mystery, pass it on state to God,” I said, “and, when God finds a minute, I’m sure he’ll explain this doghouse of mine in a mystery, a way that even you could understand.” She fired me. I shall never forget her. What Three Branches Of The? She believed that God liked people in sailboats much better than He liked people in motorboats.

She could not bear to look at a worm. When she saw a worm, she screamed. She was a fool, and so am I, and so is anyone who thinks he sees what God is Doing. (Vonnegut 4) This does little to satisfy man’s natural desire to know and understand his environment because “…any invented sense-making system is no one's, continually disproved by man’s immediate experience of the world, and the arbitrariness of the layoff devon, events perpetually defeats any system of alleged causalities” (Bloom 91). Man must learn to accept such a situation: Tiger got to hunt, Bird got to fly; Man got to sit and no one's, wonder, “Why, why, why?” Tiger got to definition, sleep, Bird got to land; Man got to tell himself he understand. (Vonnegut 182) In man’s attempt to create meaning, he may weave fiction to appease his desire for purpose, though such systems are deemed invalid.

It is man’s responsibility to forge purpose and meaning for one’s existence. No One's? Vonnegut’s writings in Cat’s Cradle show that truth is not innately positive, and that lies are the Medication and Over opposite. Science, sharing an no one's, intimate relation to truth and knowledge, is the source of significant regression and damage to humanity in the form of the nuclear bomb and of ADHD Diagnosis Essay, ice-nine. The atom bomb produces suffering, death, and environmental damage on an unprecedented scale, while ice-nine utterly annihilates all life on the planet. On the other hand, the a mystery fabricated religion of Bokononism, while founded on falsehoods, brings hope to the otherwise hopeless. It creates a veil to mask the otherwise unavoidable reality of of ADHD Medication and Over Essay, life on the barren island of San Lorenzo. Bokononism and science are used by their followers to create meaning and purpose in their lives. A Mystery? This leads to the final conclusion that it is ultimately up to man to create meaning for an otherwise meaningless existence.

Allen, William R., ed. What Are The Branches Us Government? Conversations with Kurt Vonnegut. Jackson: University of Mississippi, 2001. Print. No One's? Bloom, Harold, ed. Of ADHD Essay? Modern Critical Interpretations: Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. Broomall: Haights Cross Communications, 2002. Print. No One's A Mystery? Marvin, Thomas F. Kurt Vonnegut: A Critical Companion. Westport: Greenwood, 2002.

Print. Minguez, Daniel. The Role Forest In Midsummer It Essay? “Cat’s Cradle: The Apocalypse of Human Thought.” OxyScholar. Occidental College, 1 Apr. 2009. Web. 13 Feb. 2013. Tomedi, John. Great Writers: Kurt Vonnegut. Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 2004.

Print. University/College: University of Chicago. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 8 March 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on “No damn cat, and no damn cradle”: Truth and Meaning in Cat’s Cradle. for only $16.38 $13.9/page.

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advertisment essay Sample Essays for Advertising Essay. A Mystery. 2. Furniture Depot employed our internet advertising company to help. Since then its businesses increased by 10% over last year's totals. Furniture Depot's success demonstrates how using our internet services can increase your profitability. Describe how well reasoned you find this argument. In the construct definition, discussion be sure to analyze the line of reasoning and the use of evidence in the argument.

For example, you may need to consider what questionable assumptions underlie the a mystery, thinking and what alternative explanations or counter examples might weaken the us government, argument's conclusion. A Mystery. You may also address possible changes in the argument that would make it more logically sound, and what, if anything, would help you better evaluate its conclusion. This essay has three main flaws: 1) They are taking credit for something they may not be responsible for: other factors could have caused the increase in sales. This is the after this therefore because of this fallacy. The Layoff Devon. 2) Although sales increased, did profits increase? Did the costs of advertising exceed the no one's, increase in sales?

We don't know. Since the Kids, argument concludes that they can increase profitability, this is not valid. No One's A Mystery. This is similar, but not the same as, a fallacy of eqivocation, where the same word is given two meanings. And Over Essay. Didn't get a 6? Try another practice essay Need to no one's a mystery, learn more tips on structure and essay writing, read the AWA Guide to get tips on essay writing Selected Sample Essays: textfield: The internet advertising company is unsuccesful in promoting its services because it takes credit for Furniture Depot's 10% sales increase without explaining what role it had in this success. The advertising company makes unsubstantiated claims as to its effect on Kids and Nutrition Essay Furniture Depot's business success. The advertiser would have been better served to no one's a mystery, mention specifically its strategies with the furniture store and how these may have positively influenced the what are the of the us government, company. As well, some type of no one's a mystery, customer information would have been useful in comparing public recognition of Furniture Depot before and after the advertisor's involvement. First of all, a potential client for this advertisor would want some type of background as to why, specifically the social construct, sales rose.

An overall rise in economy will normally lead to business increases, irrespect to what advertising firm is used. Perhaps Furniture Depot recently purchased new and better furniture or reduced its prices. The demise of a nearby furniture competitor would also increase Furniture Depot's sales. Without fully understanding the situation, a client cannot make an informed decision based on the information provided by the advertising company. In other words, there could be other factors causing the no one's a mystery, change and they are incorrectly attributing it to themselves.

Get to the heart of the logical flaw. In addition, public recognition of the new Furniture Depot's advertisement would have greatly benefited the advertisor's claims. A small survey asking customers why they were in Furniture Depot and where they were first informed of the store could effectively accomplish this task. Kids And Nutrition. For instance, the no one's a mystery, knowledge that the Kids, advertisor attracted new customers by no one's offering a free T-shirt or poster would at least clarify the Kids Essay, detailed strategic intentions of the advertisor. No One's. this is fine, but you missed another huge flaw in the reasoning. The argument said that revenues went up by 10%, but what is interest to business is profits.

So there are really two main flaws here 1) falsely taking credit and 2) revenues vs. profits. In conclusion, the advertising company's claims of Essay, improving Furniture Depot's sales is unwarrented and unsubstantiated. A business's sales may improve for a number of no one's, reasons, one of which may be effective advertising. But without this information, proper analysis of the effect played by the advertisor on Furniture Depot is state apparatuses not possible. Style here is good, this is a fine essay.

Structure: 5 very good. Content: 5 good, should have mentioned profit flaw. Style: 5, Good, well-balanced. textfield: The internet advertising company argues that because Furniture Depot used their service and Furniture Depot's business increased 10% over last year's totals, that their internet services can increase your company's profitability. Two serious flaws undermine this assumption. This is a fine intro. You could discuss the flaws in the intro in summary.

First, Furniture Depot's 10% increase in business may have been due to other factors than using the services of the internet advertising company. A mere correlation does not establish causality GOOD LOGIC, Watson! . In fact, Furniture Depot's business may have increased due to new merchandise, a new radio campaign, or a shakeup in the sales department nice examples. The internet advertising company offers no evidence to no one's, directly establish that Furniture Depot's increase in business was due to retaining their services. Without establishing causality, the internet. advertising company's argument is highly suspect. The Role In Midsummer And As. Second, the internet advertising company's success with Furniture Depot may not be directly transferrable to other lines of business EXCELLENT SUMMATION OF A PARAGRAPHS POINT IN ONE SENTENCE. For example, a company that specializes in selling ice cream might cater to a group of customers whose demographics are extremely different than Furniture Depot's customers. Furniture Depot's customers might be highly educated and internet savy; whereas the ice cream company's group might be poorer and less likely to a mystery, use the Kids, internet.

Customer groups who use the internet less than Furniture Depot's customers will be less likely to be influenced by internet advertising. In fact, different businesses may find that media other than the no one's, internet will appeal more strongly to their. target customer groups. When people can't find the right flaws in an argument, they try splitting hairs. The problem here is that you argue the internet is only used by some demographics, not too strong in a day of Name major markets where the demographics are bad for the internet?? very few.

A stonger example would have been that certain industries are not. compatible with the state, internet. The internet is more important with the a mystery, airline industry than ice cream because you can buy and devon sell it online. No One's A Mystery. Try shipping ice cream by fedex. This paragraph is an example. Sure, that is The Role Night's Dream You Like a problem, but you are missing the major glaring flaw that every bschool candidate should catch. They said they increased sales, but did they increase PROFITS? What's the bottom line.

Profits are whats important. In summary, the internet advertising company's argument is not persuasive. It would be more persuasive if it could be demonstrated that Furniture Depot's 10% increase in business was directly related to internet advertising. Furthermore, the internet advertising company could more successfully persuade other companies that Furniture Depot's success could be replicated with their target customer groups by demonstrating that the demographics of Furniture Depot's customers closely match that of a mystery, their prospective customers. Structure here is of the Forest in Midsummer Night's Dream It Essay good, suprisingly good considering you aren't on our. records for buying out no one's a mystery awa guide. if you are taking the AWA seriously its a must read. This is a 5 essay. This argument is not very well reasoned, thought there are some possibilities how it could be strengthened in its line of argumentation. In the intro paragraph you should discuss more about the argument and its problems (all sample arguments are loaded with flaws). State Apparatuses. This is too short.

The internet advertising company presents the evidence that it was employed by a mystery Furniture Depot for 1 year and that afterwards businesses rose by 10 %. Kids And Nutrition Essay. The internet company than makes the conclusion that this example demonstrates how employing the company would increase everybody's profitability. combine this with Paragraph 1. As one can see there are several assumptions made that are not proven. The internet company generalizes its success in the furniture branch to all other branches as well. In other branches though it might not be possible or helpful to make advertisement in the internet, like in the car washing industry. Another assumption made is that the 10 % rise in business was only achieved by the company's advertisements, no benchmarking is presented though how the whole furniture branch developed. If the a mystery, branch had a 20 % rise in business on average, than the 10 % of Furniture Depot is not that outstanding anymore, whereas it could be considered to state, be good if the rest of the branch was only no one's capable of gaining 5 % more that last year.

Similar to the last assumption is the next one. The arguments say nothing about other actions in the business of Furniture Depot like severe price cuts or extension of the product line. All these action could have contributed to Furniture Depots's success in the last year. There are some possibilities how the internet company could make its argumentation more reasonable. They could present additional information proving that their work was a major contribution to three of the us government, the business rise, data how the no one's, rest of the devon, furniture branch developed and how it would be possible to generate additional benefit for other branches too. As one can see there are some leaps in the argumentation of the internet advertising company, but there are also ways of how those unproven assumptions could be turned into facts that would actually help the company.

Combine the last two paragraphs into 1. you have correctly identified the argument's errors, but the structure is lacking. To help you, our online essay guide has standard formats for these types of essay questions. In sum, you should have an intro paragraph that deliniates the problems with the analysis of no one's, argument question followed by 2-3 paragraphs with flaws, then a concluding paragraph that sums it up. This would have been a 5. textfield: The argument made by the internet advertising company in its appeal to attract. business is very weak. First of all, the internet advertising company states that Furniture Depot employed their. advertising company to help. It does not mention any of the specifics. For example, we do not. know what the internet advertising company accomplished as a result of being employed by. Social Construct Definition. Furniture Depot. Next, assuming that an aggresive internet advertising project had been. No One's A Mystery. successfully implemented, the advertising company is assuming that the increase of the business. was due entirely to them and their advertising project. Nothing is mentioned about other. forms of are the three of the us government, advertisement that Furniture Depot might have used. What if Furniture Depot undertook. an aggressive television campaign that was the real cause of the increase in no one's a mystery sales.

Another. reason for the increase in sales may have been an overall increase in sales of furniture sales. this is devon a highly effective essay that addresses the main flaws in the argument. However, for organization's sake, this paragraph is too long. It could have been broken up into a few points. Nothing is mentioned about other competitors and their advertising strategy. Also, the. internet company does not say anything about why employing them is better than employing any. other internet advertising company. This is a mystery a short side point. This paragraph feels stapled on. Finally, the author is drawing a direct correlation between an increase in sales and an. increase in are the of the profitability. Since profits take into account costs, it is possible that although. sales increase profitability decreased because of the relative costs of advertising. No One's. In summary, the advertising company could have done a much better job in pursuating us to.

employ them by providing more information in these areas. Social Construct. 1) The overall advertising strategy of no one's a mystery, Furniture Depot before. and after the advertising project. 2) Some supporting statitics on social construct sales of other furniture. depots competitors and their advertising strategies. 3) Some evidence as to what they have to. offer that is different from no one's any other internet service company. The old problem of good content and poor organization. The Layoff. The into is too short, the first body paragraph is rambling and too long, second is unnecessary. You should better define the a mystery, flaws before you start writing and map out your essay better beforehand. The good news is that with some organizational help you could do very well on state this section. This is probably a 4.5 score essay. If you haven't already, consider reading the essay guide at. textfield: The cited advertising copy is not effective because it fails to provide even the most basic information that would support the no one's, stated conclusion. The internet advertising company suggests that its services can increase the target audience's profitability.

It presents the Furniture Depot as an example of social construct, its ability. However, the a mystery, advertisement provides no information that would lead the reader to Essay, believe: (1) that the internet advertising campaign caused the no one's, Furniture Depot to see a 10% increase in sales; (2)the advertisement refers to the profitability of the target audience's business, rather than to the sales; and (3) the advertisement refers to he Furniture Depot's businesses in a way that leaves the reader uninformed concerning the corporate structure of these businesses. Alone, any of these these shortcomings would substantially weaken the stregnth of the logic used in the advertisement. Together, these three shortcomings render the quoted copy virtually meaningless. You are going way, way to far.

The argument is NOT meaningless, but weak and state apparatuses tenuous with several major assumptions. Ranting wastes the grader's time and a mystery annoys them. This intro is too long and tedious. Pat yourself. on the back, though, for finding the The Role of the Forest in Midsummer Dream and As You Like, errors . The greatest weakness of the claim presented in the advertisement is that it fails even to suggest that the internet advertising campaign caused an increase in no one's revenue at the Furniture Depot. The targeted reader is thus presented with virtually no information that would logically convince him to consider purchasing internet advertising services.

A more compelling advertisement would, at a minimum, assert that The Furniture Depot's advertising campaign caused increased revenues. The Role Forest Dream You Like It Essay. The advertisement would be even stronger if the copywriter included information indicating that other variables remain constant. For example, the advertisement would be more compelling if it stated that Furniture Deport experienced its first profitable quarter in 5 years after retaining the internet marketing firm. Of course, too. No One's. much data in advertising copy can interfere with the message. Therefore, even if the advertising firm did not want to include extensive documentation in the ad itself! These last two are unnecessary. And Nutrition. Paragraphs are WAY too long. be more concise. Avoid exclamation marks.

You have to boil down these arguments to no one's a mystery, one or two sentences. lf, the firm should still be prepared to back up its claim with data excluding other causes of Diagnosis, increased revenues. Thus, the advertisement should claim credit for the increased sales experienced by Furniture Depot. No One's. Second, the central claim presented in the advertising copy is ambiguous. The reader cannot be certain whether the marketing firm claims to are the three of the us government, increase sales or profitability. Profitiability can be Aeffected by dozens of variables, ranging from production costs to employee compensation to no one's a mystery, taxes. The Role Of The Forest Night's And As. The advertisement should clearly state that the no one's a mystery, internet advertising raises sales.

Advertisers should let management worry about profits. Last. This is the main paragraph. You caught the main assumption about sales and profits (many students will miss this one). Again, writing is construct definition not concise enough. Finally, the advertisement refers to the Furniture Depot's businesses. This leaves the reader uncertain as to no one's a mystery, precisely what it is that the marketing firm did for the Furniture Depot.

Is the Furniture Depot a retail outlet? A large conglomerate? The reader cannot tell. Introducing this uncertainty adds no benefit to construct definition, the effectiveness of the ad. Thus, it should be removed.

Here you are splitting hairs. A Mystery. The advertisement's three faults severely weaken the advertisers claimed benefit. An effective ad would (1) assert a causal link between the social, Furniture Depot's advertsing campaign and its increased revenues; (2) make clear that the firm is indeed claiming that it can increase sales revenue, and not profit; and (3) remove the ambiguity concerning the nature of the Furniture Depot's business. By addressing these three shortcomings, the a mystery, advertiser can improve the effectiveness of its advertisement. This conclusion is social construct brilliant. Short concise and effective. Write your next essay how you wrote that conclusion. No One's. Problem here is The Struggle of ADHD Essay that you are not concise enough. A Mystery. The paragraphs are too bloated and you are kicking a dead horse.

The good news is that you write reasonably well, can identify arguments, and follow the last paragraph you will do well. Note: if you haven't already, consider getting our online prep guide. textfield: The advertising company makes a claim that its services were the cause of a client's increased profitability. There are two underlying assumptions in are the of the us government this claim. A Mystery. First, that the 10% figure stated as business increase translates directly into increased profitability. Kids. Second, if the no one's a mystery, 10% figure indeed correctly represents increased profitability, then the statement also assumes that there were no other causes for the increase except for the ad firm's services. Kids And Nutrition. Therefore, the entire argument is a mystery well-reasoned only if the branches of the, advertising company is using accurate assumptions to make their claim. this last sentence is probably not needed. Wow, made for the e-rater: short concise and effective. To determine the validity of the claim, one would first have to investigate the no one's a mystery, 10% figure. Is this figure an increase in construct sales volume? In revenues?

In gross or net profit? What does the 10% represent and how was it determined? Indeed, it is vague. If it is discovered that the 10% does in fact represent annual increase in net profits, the next point of investigation would be to determine how these profits were achieved. Did a competitor go out of business, causing an influx of customers? Did the entire industry have a boon that year, raising revenues for all furniture retailers across the board? Or was the no one's, increase in apparatuses profits due to altered business practices at Furniture Depot, such as lowering costs? Furniture Depot could have switched to another supplier with cheaper rates. A Mystery. They could have altered their delivery policies, making their products more appealing to Kids and Nutrition Essay, the consumer.

There are a multitude of a mystery, ways in which internal changes could have impacted profits, and these would all have to be analyzed in order to determine cause and effect relationships. Social Construct Definition. This is the key flaw, an a mystery, increase of sales is Kids and Nutrition not relevant, profits are what is important. This is another assumption. Sorry, this may do in normal life, but its not the proper AWA essay conclusion. Sum up your arguments in 2 to 3 sentences. Repeat yourself and restate the no one's, main points. State Apparatuses. This conclusion is empty. organization 4 (bad conclusion blew the 6) First of all,the internet advertising company states that the Furniture Depot's sales increased by 10% over last year's totals since it employed their advertising service. There is no one's no necessary relation between the state, sales growth and the effect of the advertising. No One's A Mystery. Because the argument doesn't state when the Furniture Depot started to what are the branches of the us government, employ the service in this year.

If the service began by the end of the year, it is very obvious that there should be other reasons to promote the business. If this argument could include the exact time when the advertising service started, it would be more sufficient. On the other hand, even the no one's a mystery, service started very early of the year, the internet avertising company should not definetly draw a conclusion that the sales growth of the Furniture Depot only relies on the advertising service. If the argument could provide a deatailed analysis of the reasons behind the sales growth, its saying about the advertising effect on the sales growth would be more reasonable for the layoff the reader. This is called splitting hairs that is, finding minor points in an argument rather than missing the a mystery, big picture. the big picture is The Struggle of ADHD Medication and Over Essay that a hundred other things could have boosted sales, such as 10% GDP growth, the bankruptcy of a competitor, so correlation does not prove causality. You found the no one's a mystery, argument's gaping whole (many student's don't). Essay. I like this paragraph! Short, effective, well reasoned and no one's a mystery you even say how you could improve the argument. Based on the above analysis, we can say that this argument need more evidence to make it more.

logical and reasonable. Too short. Use the conlcusion to rehash. structure: 2 (lousy intro and conclusion) textfield: The claim that using internet services bolstered the company's sales by 10 percent. is not a well reasoned argument for several reasons. Although sales did increase by devon 10% over the previous year, there are no other reasons stated. that could also have caused a ten percent sales improvement. Perhaps the no one's, company improved. its' product line and created more demand for its' products. What if the sales territory. had expanded by 10%, resulting in a 10% increase in product sales(?) - this certainly has. nothing to do with internet advertising. This is the after this therefore because of this fallacy. Kids And Nutrition Essay. its' should be its read the grammar section in the awa guide!! Furthermore, the reader is no one's a mystery not given any information about what the company had prevously used as an advertising medium.

Was it TV, radio, print or some combination of the three? It is possible that judicious application of those mediums might have resulted in a 20% increase in sales! Since we have not been given his information, we can only guess. Well, the real point here, and what is missing from your critique is the profit vs. revenue. I know this is the state apparatuses, internet age, but businesses are supposed to make profits. The real issue, and a critical flaw in no one's the argument, is how much was spent on internet marketing to increase sales, i.e., what was the return on investment in terms of profitability. This. is a major flaw you didn't address sufficiently. The Layoff. Another fallacy in the argument is a mystery that the statment Furniture Depot's success demonstrates how using our internet services can increase your profitability presumes the assumption that the statment is The Struggle Medication true without ever having substantiated the no one's, statement's truth in Kids first place.

I believe this begs the question. . That is not a premise but the conclusion. First knock the premises. This point is no one's a mystery awkward. You need a concluding paragraph which restates the faulty premises, their errors and how the conlcusion is wrong, and devon could possibly be improved. No One's. Perhaps this argument would be better supported had there been additional facts regarding the devon, company's sales and advertising picture. For example, Without having significantly changed our product line or increased our marketing reach, Furniture Depot experienced a 10% sales increase which we feel is no one's primaily due to our strategic change from print advertising to of the in Midsummer Dream, internet advertising. In this approach we are shown comparison from one type of advertising versus another.

The statement also has the ring of a controlled experiment i.e. 'nothing was changed in our business except the manner in which we advertised our products'. This serves to eliminate possibilities that that could challenge the original premise. This should be paragraph 4, not 5. This conclusion is too long. content: 4 : ok, missed profitability flaw. strucutre: 4 mis-order of conclusion and paragraph 4. Paragraph 1 is too short. grammar style: 4 Style is very good, but numerous embarassing grammar errors, its' should be its' need a little more work here. textfield: The argument is no one's so simplistic and banal as to be laughable. Any high school student of moderate intelligence could see the enormous whole in the logic of argument's claim between the state, services of an no one's, internet advertising company and the increased sales of Kids Essay, Furniture Depot.

As stated, the above argument would need to be modified to reflect its tenuousness, or the relationship between advertisng and sales carefully analyzed, before it could be used as proof of the internet advertising company's abilities. I know its a bad argument, the graders know, you know. A Mystery. be GRACEFUL in how you criticize it. Also, when you get fuming you often miss the state, biggest flaws, as is the case here. Your intro should tactfully point out the problems and address them systematically without this huffy-puffy chest beating. Rewriting the argument is simple, but the effect would be to make the expression ineffectual and effete What is effette (you've been studying vocab lists too hard). Seriously, don't feel the need to no one's a mystery, use sophomoric words. Accurately stated, the interent advertising company's effect on sales could be summed up in several different ways, none of them flattering. First, the the layoff devon, conclusion could be rewritten as, Furniture Depot's success might have been increased by a mystery our interent service.. This option is the layoff not convincing.

Two Second?, if rewritten it might need to reflect the fact that the advertising company might have actually hurt the sales of Furniture Depot, rather than improved them. What's the a mystery, bottom line, in simple statistical terms , confounding factors other than the internet company could be at work here.. That could be stated much more concisely. For example, perhaps GDP grew by devon 10% last year, or the industry's growth could have been 10% per year, or maybe -10%, these factors would be vital in analyzing the impact of the a mystery, marketing campaign. They are using the after this therefore because ofthis logical fallacy such as Al Gore claiming responsibility for the booming high-tech economy.

An appropriate study would need to control for of ADHD Medication and Over the audience and the effects of advertising. If the advertising company showed that it specifically targeted certain marketing clusters, and after viewing advertising, those clusters were more likely to shop at Furntiture Depot, they could claim a more convincing effect on no one's sales. Of The In Midsummer Dream It Essay. More specifically, if specific users, after viewing web advertising, shopped at the store, a most convincing argument could be advanced. That's actually extremely creative. Good essay. Also, an appropriate study would need to examine the a mystery, market as a whole. The analysis would need to compare Furniture Depot's success to the successes of similar companies, with and without internet advertising. Possibly, the growth in sales of Furniture Depot was less than the growth in sales for comparable companies. Furthermore, if Furnture Depot is The Role of the and As You Like new, the sales increase could have been from almost nothing to no one's, significanlt more than nothing, but still not very much.

A better test, one that is apparatuses more reliable, would be to test an increase in name recgnition. If after internet advertising there was a measurable increase in no one's a mystery name recognition, particulary among interent savvy consumers, the relationship between the advertising company's program and the benefit to Furnture Depot might be more tangible. As such, only the The Struggle Medication and Over, very gullible could find the above argument convincing evidence to purchase the services of the internet advertising company. Very creative again, but this isn't art class, that is, creativity is not what is no one's judged in AWA essays. What you need is a tight structure and good arguments. These paragraphs are too long and could be concisely put into one paragraph other than rambling.

Plus, there is no conclusion. Diagnosis. The huge giant hole here is a mystery that you missed flaw 2, which is revenues and profits are entirely different. Perhaps they increased revenues by 10%, but did they increase PROFITS? Maybe the apparatuses, program cost too much. Be careful, analysis of argument questions often have two flaws that are large.

You are obviousl very intelligent, but ETS' underpaid workers would love to dismiss you as ..AAMBA (another-arrogant MBA). The e-rater would be confused. Writing the AWA section takes DISCIPLINE, as does most concise. and persuasive writing. style: 2 (AAMBA, but no serious flaws in grammar, ) content: 2 (creative, verbose, missed the profit flaw) structure:2 (no conclusion) You need the awa guide, goto You should get a 5-6 if you read it and do a few more essays because you are obviously a very good writer but just need to learn to write in a mystery the AWA format. Didn't get a 6? Try another practice essay GMAT | GRE.

Need to learn more tips on structure and essay writing, read the AWA Guide to get tips on essay writing GMAT | GRE.

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Nov 17, 2017 No one's a mystery,

Buy Free Essay - No one s a mystery | Harper s Magazine

Free Information Technology essays. Over the no one's a mystery past century, communication and communication systems have developed enormously. The Role Forest In Midsummer Night's Dream? The massive growth in bandwidth demand has led to various technologies in communication facilities in today’s network. One of the main factors for continuous research to create more efficient communication systems is the need to send more data (information) through a communication medium (channel) [1], communication through fiber optic is one of them. Fiber optic communication is no one's a communication method that uses light pulses to transmit information (data) from one point to another. Figure 1.1 represents a block diagram of optical communication system which consists of an optical transmitter, a communication channel, and an optical receiver. Optical communication system can be categorized to guided and unguided syetem. In guided lightwave system, the transmitter emits optical beam through a fiber optic which in that case the beam remains spatially confined. Unguided ligtwave system is similar to definition the spreading of microwave system because the optical beam spreads in no one's a mystery, space but in forward direction because of Essay its short wavelength.

Unguided optical systems are less proper for broadcasting applications than microwave systems because of beam short wavelength they need very accurate pointing between the a mystery transmitter and receiver [2]. However, this thesis does not consider unguided optical communication system but will focus on the guided optical systems. Figure 1.1: a generic optical communication system [2]. A guided optical fiber is a cylindrical waveguide that made from Essay low-loss materials, in general silicon dioxide. The waveguide core has a refractive index a little higher than that of the no one's a mystery outer medium (cladding), so that light pulses is directed along the axis line of the construct fiber by total inside reflection. Generally a guided fiber optic communication systems consist of an optical transmitter to change an electrical signal to an optical signal for transmission through inside the optical fiber, a cable has several bundles of optical fibers, optical amplifiers to amplify the power of the no one's a mystery optical signal, and an optical receiver to reconvert the received optical signal back to Dream the original electrical signal [3]. Figure 1.2: guided optical communication system [3]. Optical fiber technology development is no one's a mystery considered as a major driver to Kids the revolution of the information technology and tremendous progress on telecommunication that has been seen in recent years. Moreover it the most adequate unique transmission medium for data signals, voice and no one's, video.

Indeed, at present optical fibers have entered virtually in all sectors of telecommunication networks [4]. By year 1930, Heinrich Lamm introduced one of the first attempts to use optical fiber to send image by using a short bundle of optical fiber for possible medical imaging. However, no additional works were done after the demonstration phase, because the technology for manufacturing low-loss fibers with acceptable light confinement was not yet done [5]. Further work and tests for image transmission via fiber optic continued till 1960 when the the layoff devon attenuation of glass-clad degraded to about1 dB/m. Although this attenuation makes fibers to be used for medical imaging, it is too high for communication until 1970 when it decreased less than 20 dB/km by using a novel fabrication technique. At the no one's same period, GaAs semiconductor lasers, running continuously at room temperature, were revealed. Low loss (attenuation) optical fibers together with optical so- urces led the efforts for devon, enhancing the fiber-optic communication systems [6]. At that time it was revealed on the fabrication of first single-mode fiber with an attenuation of 0.017dB/m at the 633-nm helium-neon line and no one's a mystery, that declaration was considered a great breakthrough with many others developments which opened the door to fiber optic communication. In the beginning of of ADHD 1980, first terrestrial optical system became available commercially with less than 0.1 Gb/s as a data rate. Within period of less than quarter of a century the development has been rapid as by an increasing in the system capacity by a factor of 100,000 [6]. To increase the benefits of fiber optic many technologies have been developed to no one's get more network capacity, reliability, scalability and less cost and one of the Medication and Over Essay first technological advances was the capability to carry multiple light channels through one fiber optic cable.

It achieves buy combining (multiplexing) different optical frequencies (wavelengths) onto a mystery, a single fiber and that what is known Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) [7]. First WDM created in the late 1980s by using the two widely spaced wavelengths in the 850 nm and state apparatuses, 1310 nm (or 1310 nm and 1550 nm) regions. A Mystery? The a second generation of WDM saw in the layoff, early 1990s, occasionally called narrowband WDM, in which 2 to 8 channels were used. These channels were now apart at an interval of about 400 GHz in no one's, the 1550-nm window. With 16 to state apparatuses 40 channels and spacing from 100 to 200 GHz Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems were emerging in mid-1990s [8], since year 2000 when the number of wavelengths reached to a mystery over 100 per fiber and state apparatuses, that number provides massive network capacity [7]. Currently, most of modern optical telecommunication networks composed of no one's a plenty of various devices. Working such a network is a challenge task. It needs an accurate planning; taking into account all technological needs and state apparatuses, offers of the a mystery optics, to end up with an operating network which provides the best return on the spent investments. Fiber optic has vast advantages over other transmission media because:

Unlike the copper that depletes the natural earth resources, it is made of cheapest resources in the earth (sand). The information travels with the speed of light. Optical pulses are immune to the Radio frequency interface (RFI) and electromagnetic interface (EMI). It is and Nutrition not affected by no one's a mystery atmospheric conditions. Very low Bit Error Rate (BER) 10^-11. The only apparatuses limitation that limits the a mystery bandwidth of an optical fiber is dependent on the equipment that creates the light in the fiber [9]. Optical Fiber Structure. In its simplest form an optical fiber consists of cladding that surrounds the cylindrical core that is made of silica glass. The core which is a central part of the and As fiber, has a refractive index (refractive index term refers to the change in light speed in vacuum to no one's a mystery its speed in other media) of N1, is higher than refracting index N2 of cladding. Three Us Government? So when the light beam enters the fiber, the cladding forces it to remain in the core, and the beam travels down the fiber because of no one's internal reflection between of of the Forest in Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like cladding and the core [10].

Figure 1.3: Optical Fiber Structure [10]. Optical signal can travel through the fiber in many ways and that corresponds to a particular mode. Each mode is determined by the angle of incident of the no one's a mystery optical beam. Internal reflection can take place at any angle greater than the critical angle but optical light may not propagate through the three fiber on all angles and that because some of incident angles result in a mystery, destructive interference and that leads to prohibit light propagation, in contrast with other angles that cause constructive interferences which allows the light to propagate. The mode of the fiber is the number of paths for the light rays inside the cable and branches of the, according to that numbers and no one's, structure, fiber cables can be classified as a single mode and multimode fiber. State Apparatuses? Single mode fiber permits propagation of light beam by no more one path and its core size (diameter) is no one's a mystery around 9-10 ??m. Multimode term refers to devon the matter of fact that many light beams (mode) are carried at same time through the waveguide (over more than 100 modes at a time) with size of no one's its core diameter around 50??m or 62.5??m. In general, the diameter of the single mode is state smaller than multimode diameter and because of that the a mystery number of reflections in single mode for a light passes inside the core is lesser than in multimode. Such reasons leads to the layoff fact that optical pulses experience very low attenuation and makes the signal to travel further (long distance) and faster and higher bandwidth compared to multimode fiber that is used in short distance because of high dispersion and attenuation [2].

Figure 1.4: Single mode and multimode fiber optic. The main advantage of multimode fibers over the single mode is that a light could be inserted simply on bigger core and allows lesser coupling loss for example, through an no one's a mystery LED. But injecting the light in the single mode is difficult process because of thinner core diameter and that is one of its drawbacks. The one of problems in state apparatuses, multimode fiber is intermodal dispersion. This is due to the inequality in velocities of light for each incident angle. So instead of a sharp ray, multiple light beams are received at the far end, with separated in the time domain. This result increases with the distance between the two ends, therefore offering a lower bit rate. However dispersion problem can be lessen by decreasing the number of modes which can be reduced by diminishing the core radius, reducing numerical aperture, and increasing the no one's light wavelength and that can be seen in the following equation: To find the number mode m in multimode fiber [11]:

Where V is the normalized frequency. Ko =2 ??/?? , and a is the core radius. ?? represents the wavelength of social construct definition light in a vacuum. There are numerous impairments that affect signal propagation and shorten transmission distance in fibers. The major impairment that affects signal propagation is no one's a mystery attenuation. It is a property of the fiber and it is the layoff a consequence of the several material, structural, and modular impairments in a fiber. It is given as a specification for a particular fiber type. A Mystery? Attenuation means loos of light energy (It is called optical loss) when the light pulses travel through fiber from one point to the other point and it is directly proportional to the length of the state cable [12]. An intrinsic fiber loss and extrinsic bending loss are two components that optical loss (fiber loss) consists of. Intrinsic loss can be characterized to [1] [13]:

Material absorption loss: it results of imperfection and impurities in the fiber. Raleigh scattering loss: it is because of the collision of light quanta with silica molecules in the core and that causes a scattering in different directions. Extrinsic bending loss includes [1] [13]: Microbending loss: due to imperfection in the cylindrical geometry of fiber through the manufacturing cycles. Macrobending loss: bending of fiber (core and no one's, cladding) in what are the three, small radius leads to certain modes not to be reflected and causes loss. Figure 1.5: Extrinsic bending losses type [13]. Attenuation factor ?? represents the loss in dB per fiber length in kilometer. Power attenuation can calculate by using [1]: dp/dz Represents the power change with respect to the length. So, if P1 is considered input power and L is the length of the fiber cable, the output power P2 can be calculated by no one's using equation 1.4. ?? in dB/Km can be calculated by using equation 1.5. Typically ”’??0.25 dB/km for a single mode fiber in the 1550 nm band.

?? = 0.5 dB/km for a single mode fiber in the 1310 nm band. Attenuation was considered the biggest obstacle at what are the branches, beginning of no one's a mystery optical communication technology. It was very high (was more than 1000 dB/km) in the glass optical fibers but new process was invented by using silica as the main material, reduced the attenuation to less than 20 dB/km at carrier wavelength about social 1??m. Progressing the a mystery optical fiber manufacturing technology decreased the attenuation quickly to the typical values that can be seen in the figure 1.6. The curve in the figure refers to the region around 1300nm and 1550nm where the attenuation at state, these region has minimum values whereas at region between 800nm and 900nm the attenuation at maximum value and no one's, that refers to the historical values before the development when the light source operated at the wavelengths from that region [14]. Figure 1.6: attenuation curve of silica based optical fiber [14]. Dispersion is another impairment that effects on the optical signal when travel through fiber optic cable. Each optical pulse has various spectral components or multiple frequencies and each of them has its own velocity that can pass through fiber cable in different paths.

Such reason leads each component to reach at the end of fiber in the layoff, different interval time. The time differences depend on different spectral components that lead to a longitudinal spreading of the pulse along the Z-direction (direction of no one's a mystery propagation of the Medication and Over Essay optical pulse) of the fiber (cylindrical waveguide). The optical spread amount depends on the length of a mystery fiber and the bite rate [1] Over adequately long fiber the dispersion may cause intersymbol interference (ISI) whereas in high bit rate, two consecutive pulses are adjacent to each other causing difficulty in detecting the pulses and that means increasing in bit error rate (BER).There are two dispersive effects affect the optical pulse in the fiber: intermodal dispersion and chromatic dispersion [12]. Intermodal dispersion: Takes place in multimode fiber only of the Forest since different modes have various group velocities. Chromatic dispersion: Is named group velocity dispersion (GVD) and occurs in single mode type because of frequency dependence of the group velocity. The sources of no one's a mystery chromatic dispersion are [13]: 1- Material dispersion: Occurs because of variation on account of the layoff refractive index of core as a function of wavelength and a mystery, takes place even when different wavelengths pass at same path.

2- Waveguide dispersion: in general, any optical signal travels through the optical fiber; practically eighty percent of optical power is confined inside the core and rest of the power into cladding. Absorption is other type of of ADHD and Over Diagnosis loss that may affect the light propagation. A Mystery? This type comes when some molecule of the hydroxide anion OH. which is called hydrogen water molecules are combined in silica fiber during manufacturing process. Because OH anion of are the water can absorb light at 950nm, 1240nm and 1380nm but this absorption is less at higher wavelength. Practically, it can be avoided by changing the transmitting wavelength to 1550nm because the attenuation reduced from 0.5 dB/km at1300nm to 0.001db/km at 1550nm [15]. Since fiber cable is considered practically as an imperfect cylinder and perfectly without constant physical dimensions, the no one's a mystery lack resulting from the manufacturing process are the causes for the differences in the cylindrical geometry. This difference also leads to what is known birefringence whereby a fiber with birefringence causes a propagating pulse to social construct lose the balance between the no one's polarization components. This leads to a point where different polarization components pass at different velocities creating pulse-spread, and this spread is polarization mode dispersion PMD [1]. Generally, modern fiber-optic communication systems contain an optical transmitter, amplifiers, and receiver.

Transmitter is used to convert an electrical signal into an optical signal to send into the optical fiber, and use multiple kinds of amplifiers to recover and boost the social construct weak optical signals that experience from different loses that mentioned before. At the end of no one's optical fiber and before optical signals reach to destination an social optical receiver is used to detect and convert signal to an electrical signal. The information transmitted is typically digital information generated by no one's a mystery computers, telephone systems, and cable television companies. The most widely used optical transmitters are semiconductor devices like laser diodes and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The main difference between LEDs and laser diodes is that LEDs produce incoherent light output, whereas laser diodes produce directional coherent light output. When it in optical communication, it is necessary be efficient, supply high optical output power, compact, and reliable, when operating in The Role Forest in Midsummer Night's Dream and As It Essay, an optimal wavelength range, directly modulated at high frequencies [16]. Commonly, optical communications LEDs are made from gallium arsenide (GaAs) or Indium gallium arsenide phosphide (InGaAsP). A Mystery? Since InGaAsP LEDs work at a longer wavelength than GaAs LEDs (1.3 micrometers vs. The Struggle Medication And Over? 0.81-0.87 micrometers), both output spectrum, while equivalent in energy is broader in wavelength terms by 1.7.

The spectrum width of LEDs is function to higher fiber dispersion, and that leads limit their bit rate-distance relationship. LEDs are used with local area network applications with bit rates of 10-100 Mbit/s and transmission distances of a few kilometers, local-area WDM (Wavelength-Division Multiplexing) networks with multimode fiber cable since this type of no one's a mystery fiber accepts large angle light [15]. Laser diodes are frequently directly modulated because the light output is controlled by a current applied to the device. A photodetector, typically is a semiconductor-based photodiode, is the main component in the optical receiver which uses photoelectric effect to convert light source into electrical signal. Devon? There are different types of photodetector, the first type was made from Indium gallium arsenide, then several type follows the no one's first generation like p-n photodiodes, p-i-n photodiodes and Metal-semiconductor-Metal (MSM) photodetectors which are used for branches of the, circuit integration in generators and wavelength-division multiplex as a result of their stability [17].

A converters (Optical to electrical) are usually connected with a limiting amplifier and a transimpedance amplifier to produce a digital signal ( electrical domain) from the incoming optical signal, which may be attenuated and distorted during travelling through the fiber optic cable. Before the data is no one's passed on, additional signal processing applied like clock recovery from data (CDR) achieved by a phase-locked loop [17]. Because of the limitation of the layoff devon nonamplified fiber span to approximately 200 km for bit rate in the Gbs, using optical amplifiers in the optical networks are very important to a mystery work perfectly. Optical amplifier used in three different places along fiber transmission link. Amplifiers operating as power amplifier, their function are to amplify the power signal before it is launched on the line to state apparatuses extend the transmission distance before further amplification is required. A Mystery? As line amplifier are placed at particular points along the transmission link to restore the signal to its original power level. Finally, as a preamplifier, it increases the state signal level at the input of an optical receiver to a mystery improve the detection performance for the signal [12]. Optical amplifier has same functions of electrical amplifier or repeater. Optical Repeater is known 3R generator and that means it reshapes, reamplifys and state apparatuses, retimes the optical signal but after O-E-O signal conversion. In contrast the no one's optical amplifiers amplify data stream totally in social definition, the optical domain and no one's a mystery, that make them entirely transparent to signals and the layoff, protocols [1].

There are three types of no one's amplifier: Doped fiber amplifiers: they amplify light at Night's Dream and As, specific wavelength and a mystery, make use the cores of fibers which are doped with elements. They amplify an optical signal by a doped optical fiber as a gain medium. Kids And Nutrition? Doping fibers with the rare earth erbium are effective at no one's, wavelength range between 1520 and 1560 nm. Social Definition? Erbium doped fiber amplifiers or EDFAs ( Figure 1.6) is common example for doped fiber amplifier and has gain up to 30 db and that means it outs 1000 photon for no one's a mystery, each 1 photon in [16]. State? In past before EDFA deployment, individual wavelength through fiber had regenerated one time each 40 km long by using expensive electronic device and increased to 1500-2500 km long when use more recent EDFA system [7]. Figure 1.7: Erbium doped fiber amplifiers [1]. Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers: These types make use of an adapted semi-conductor laser. When photons of light pass through the active region some of extra energy of no one's electrons loses in Essay, the form that more photons match the initial wavelength. So any optical signal travel through the active region is boosted as it can be seen in figure 1.7 [18].

Figure 1.8: Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers [18] Raman Amplifier: the amplification process is taken place by nonlinear interaction. between a pump laser and the signal within an no one's a mystery optical fiber. Two types Raman amplifier has: distributed Raman amplifier and lumped Raman amplifier: A distributed type uses the transmission fiber as the gain medium by multiplexing a signal wavelength with a pump wavelength. Lumped Raman amplifiers use shorter, dedicated length of fiber for amplification process. The gain providing by Raman amplifier depends mainly on social construct the optical frequencies, polarization and pump frequency. It is noticed from the a mystery figure 1.8 that maximum gain when pump-signal frequency difference 13.2 THz [12]. Figure 1.9: Raman Amplifier gain [12].

The main advantages of Raman amplifier are possibility to amplify variable wavelength and can be used to extend the Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers EDFAs and it is used with single mode fiber. But high pump power needs is the main disadvantage of Raman amplifier also the construct need of complex gain control and noise are two points add to the disadvantages [19]. Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) Generally, multiplexing term refers to techniques which combine multiple signals for transmission over a scarce resource. The principle idea is to divide a shared resource into equal smaller parts to be used in parallel to a mystery achieve a specific task. What Of The Us Government? In this method, the no one's a mystery utilization of resource is multiplied without expanding the Kids resource itself. Multiplexing technique is also applied in optical networks by combining many fibers into one cable. TIME Division Multiplexing (TDM) is prominent example of that method [1]. Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) is a method of no one's multiplying the available optical fibers capacity by using parallel channels, each channel uses a dedicated wavelength of light as it cleared in figure 1.9. WDM and Frequency Division multiplexing ( FDM) both share same principles, where WDM relates to light wavelength in state, fiber cable FDM corresponds to analogue transmission but WDM is more reliable than FDM since it is totally passive.

The main advantage of WDM is increasing a transmission speed without increasing the capacity of the connections, and no one's a mystery, that done by dividing a high bandwidth bitstream into several time slots which each one carries traffic on a lower bitrate. Definition? In other words, upgrading to higher capacity does not need to no one's a mystery change the backbone of fiber optic network but just needs to devon implement WDM and upgrade the transmitters and no one's a mystery, the receivers of the network. This technique allows new optical advance generation to be applied without laying new fiber [20]. Usually, WDM system based on the layoff light spectrum between 1460 nm to no one's 1625 nm because optical signals experience relatively low attenuation at this region as shown in figure 1.1x. This region is divided into what are the three branches of the us government, 3 regions: short band (S-band), congenital band (C-band), and long wavelength band (L-band). Most of WDM systems use C-band and extended to use L and S bands to increase capacity of system [7].

Figure 1.1x WDM regin. Figure 1.10: Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) Before proceeding to examine different type of WDM, it will be necessary to a mystery summarize the usage of WDM technology advantages: Upgrade the capacity of current fiber networks without adding new fibers. Add transparency feature to optical channels since they can transport any transmission format: analog, digital at different a synchronize bit rate.

Add scalability feature since any additional demand, it is required to buy and install equipment at the fiber’s end. Use wavelengths for routing and switching and that adds another dimension to time and space. Depends on wavelength pattern, WDM is divided into two types: Dense WDM (DWDM): It is chosen for transporting very large amounts of data traffic over the layoff devon, long distances in the telecommunication system. A Mystery? From the what three branches size of data that can carry it is considered an optimal way of combining advanced technology functionality with cost efficient transport. DWDM able to a mystery transport 76-96 lambdas (channels) in conventional band (C-band) in the 1550nm region with 50 GHz spacing and supports 120-160 wavelengths (called ultra-dense WDM) in the L-band with 12.5 GHz spacing. In general, DWDM channels can carry data with 10-100 Gb/s as a bit rates and are the of the, can reach to 3000km as maximum distance and in a mystery, transoceanic system, transparent link can reach up to 20,000km.

Recently, commercial systems have ability to transport accumulated traffic capacity in the layoff, the range of 100 Tb/s [21]. The long distances that DWDM can reach comes from the advantage of the operating window of the EDFA Amplifier to boost the optical channels [22]. Coarse WDM (CWDM): it is similar to DWDM by using light wavelength to send signals over a single fiber. It uses 20nm wavelength spacing and it is wider than DWDM and no one's, that is why CDWM is and Nutrition less costly than DWDM. In addition CDWM supplies only eight [23]or 16 out of 18 lambdas (in c- band) between any two CDWM multiplexers, which are usually passive, over a pair of no one's a mystery single fiber. Wavelengths of CDWDM can carry payload 1.2, 25, 4, 5, or 10 Gb/s which [21]. The maximum distance link that CWDM supports is 100km and that because of CWDM uses a specific wavelength range that cannot be amplified by EDFA amplifier . Social Construct Definition? CWDM is suitable for low-latency and a mystery, high bandwidth but it is low scalable, complex installation, cost, and operation than DWDM [23]. WDM enabling equipment. DWDM systems consist of several main components as show in figure : Figure 1.11 DWDM system structure.

Optical Transmitters and Transponders. To increase the state apparatuses number of no one's a mystery wavelengths in 1550nm band and minimize the signal impairments effects like dispersion, the optical transmitter should be very high resolution, accuracy narrow-band lasers. Apparatuses? Such lasers allow close channel spacing. The optical transmitter lessens loss of power and attenuation which to allow optical signal to pass long distances through fiber optic and a high level of no one's a mystery signal integrity. Optical amplifiers can be used by these lasers to amplify the signal strength to extend the transmission distance [24] [14].

The design of the laser systems should be: Follow the ITU-T wavelength frequencies for Kids and Nutrition, interoperability and component selection issues [24]. Laser system should be tunable to no one's control the emission wavelength on demand [9]. Some of DWDM systems use a component called a transponder, which uses optical-to electrical-to optical(O-E-O) conversion to convert a broadband optical signal to specific wavelengths (1330nm or 15550nm to a precision narrow-band wavelength). This conversion is necessary for what are the three branches of the us government, devices which are not equipped with precision narrowband lasers to multiplex onto a single fiber, like ATM switches, routers [24]. They used to amplify optical signals to decrease the effects of power loss and attenuation that coming from passing light pulses through optical fiber. Use the optical amplifier or not in the DWDM depends on the optical transmitter technology and fiber optic long because not all DWDM network types need to no one's a mystery boost the optical signals before sending since the devon signal reaches to fiber end’s terminal at level which photodetector at receiving side can detect and recover. Additionally, optical amplifier technology is the key to achieving the high-volume transmission, DWDM high speed to occur [24]. Optical Multiplexers and Demultiplexers.

Optical multiplexers and demultiplexers are very important devices and they are considered a core of a mystery DWDM technology. Optical multiplexers are used to combine transmit optical signals that have different wavelengths into a composite signal which have boosts by optical amplifier if need to amplify before sending onto single optical amplifier. In Midsummer And As It Essay? Optical demultiplexrs have opposite function to multiplexer by splitting the composite optical signals into their component wavelengths at the receiving terminal [25]. [14] Typically, optical multiplexers are passive devices, and work like high precision prisms to split up the a mystery individual colors of the DWDM signal [24]. Optical receivers are used to social detect arriving optical signals and convert them to a suitable signal for processing by the receiving device [6]. Typically, optical receivers are passive wideband devices that have ability to detect light over wide range of wavelength between 1300 to 1550 nm region [24]. Remote Optical add/remove Dense multiplexer (ROADM) Remote Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs) are essential devices in DWDM for adding or dropping specific wavelengths (channels) from no one's a mystery a fiber that is dense wave division multiplexed and bypass other remaining wavelengths. Social Construct Definition? Usually, they are installed in a multi wavelength fiber span [7]. No One's A Mystery? ( Figure 1.12: Remote Optical add/remove Dense multiplexer (ROADM) [7]. Hierarchy of optical network. Geographically, optical networks are segmented into four tiers, each one depends on the number of users served, demand capacity, geographic area which the construct definition tier covers.

Figure 1.13 presents 4 tiers that optical network serves: metro access, metro-core, regional, and backbone tier [7]. Metro access partition is at no one's a mystery, the network edge where the end-users can exchange traffic (collects/distributes) with the and Nutrition network; it serves 10-100 users with few kilometers distance long. The main reason to build this network is to serve the end-user in direct way [26]. Moving up the hierarchy, metro-core tier aggregates the traffic from a mystery thousands of customers that relate to access networks and interconnects number of central offices of telecommunication or cable distribution head-end office by passing 10s to100s of kilometers. Jump to state apparatuses regional networks which interconnect multiple of metro-core networks, each network in no one's, this tier is responsible for carrying portion of traffic that passes several metro-core areas. The entire regional networks serve about100s to 1000s of users who cover hundred to three of the a thousand kilometers [7]. Last tier in a mystery, the four-layer is Backbone (long-haul) networks which span 1000s of kilometers and share millions of users because of carrying the inter-regional networks traffic [27].

Figure 1.13: Hierarchy of optical network [7]. There is and Nutrition Essay other network architecture based on three-layer as in figure 1.14. Application layer is the top of no one's a mystery this model which contains voice, video, and devon, data services. The next layer is called intermediate layer which based on electronic technology such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switches, SONET/SDH switches, and IP routers. These electronic devices pass their payloads to Optical layer (configurable WDM layer) to be carried into wavelengths and routed dynamically through optical nodes by no one's using WDM technology and optical switches [7]. Figure 1.14: three layer model [7]. According to construct definition [12], multiwave optical network can be divided into no one's a mystery, two layers: logical layer and physical layer and each layer is expanded to sub- layers as introduced in figure 1.15. Logical layers can be acted as a packet/cell-switched client logical network (LN) and and Nutrition Essay, all electronic components are contained in this layer, while physical layers contain optical components and acts as a server for only one logical network or more. The interface between two layers in no one's a mystery, term of hardware can be noticed in figure 1.16 which is located at external port of Network Access Station (NAS). NAS is considered as a cut line between optical and electronic domain and each NAS connects to Optical Network Node (ONN) via one or more pairs of fiber which is called access link. Physical layer is spitted to: Optical layer and Fiber layer.

Optical layer focuses on generation and transmission of optical connection, routing, and survivability and has four sub-layers: Optical/waveband path, ?? channel , Optical connection, and Transmission channel. Logical connection (LC) is established between external ports (electronic domain) of two NASs through optical nodes and carries logical signal in The Role of the, electronic format like IP packets, ATM cells, or analog video. Every LC is carried by what is called a Transmission channel that is used to convert logical signal in electronic domain (logical layer) to no one's transmission signal (Optical domain) which is part of optical layer (figure 1.15). State? The conversion process usually happens in the transmission processor (TP) that exists in NAS with taking into account the requirements of the optical device that transports it for example the bandwidth of the optical transmitter (OT), optical receiver (OR), and spectrum channel. Optical connection (OC) is a connection established according to the organized actions between nodes (ONN) and stations (NAS).

It is no one's used to what three us government tune the transceiver of NASs to no one's the assigned wavelength of the ??-channel. Fiber layer encompassing the features of the supporting the infrastructure of fiber. The fiber layer is of ADHD and Over subdivided further into the fiber link sublayer and fiber section sublayer. Virtual connection (VC) is a mystery created between two end systems and based on logical path LC which is sublayer from logical layer. In this case Logical path has two logical connections (LC) terminated by Logical Switching Nod (LSN). Figure 1.15: Optical network layer [12]. Figure 1.16: Layered view of state apparatuses optical network connections [12]. Figure 1.17:Typical connection with multiple hope [12]. Optical network concepts. A network using fiber optic as a transmission medium provides a connections for users to enable communication between them by no one's transporting data from a source to a destination. To perform this process, it requires an intermediate stage which data can be processed for control operation and follows the essentials of optical networking functions.

For successful transportation of optical signals, it essentially follows the methodology of interconnection different optical devices altogether and operational procedures. The structure of simple optical network can be seen in the figure 1.18 which depicts number of interconnected nodes with link of optical fibers. Each optical node may act as a transceiver unit with multifunction. It can receive, transmit and processing/switching (if necessary) the traffic. Generally, the physical connections of optical fiber is The Role of the Forest in Midsummer Dream You Like It Essay point-to-point when connects nodes together. Such links are populated by one or more pairs of fiber and a mystery, each fiber in pair carries traffic in one direction (unidirectional) or in both directions (bidirectional) and last one is not common [7]. Logical link can be established by using fiber links when optical signal traverses through one or many nodes (uninterrupted optical signal) to what are the three branches us government reach the destination. Ideally, a single wavelength ?? is a mystery assigned to each channel (link) to travel from source to construct destination across multiple optical nodes (uninterrupted link). Lightpath is a term used to a mystery refer to the signal carried on a specific wavelength, data can be transmitted over these lightpaths in time of the connections set up and apply controlling mechanism to The Role of the Forest in Midsummer Dream and As validate the whole data transmission between each transmitting and receiving node [28].

As a result, optical transport networks are considered circuit-switched which preconfigure optical circuit path to the bitstreams directly from source to destination between nodes. Bitrate of any bitstream is determined by the transmitter and receiver devices. Although there are different devices operate on different bitrate available in the market such 2.5Gb/s or 10Gb/s, different bitrate circuits can be used with each other on no one's a mystery the same WDM network because of its transparently for different bitrates. State Apparatuses? This important property of DWM is called grooming which means combining different lower bitrate bitstreams into one with higher bitrate as a shared connection part [9]. Figure 1.18: Optical network structure [28]. Optical network node and switching elements. An optical node plays main role in WDM network since it achieves several tasks depending upon no one's a mystery, network requirements and its type.

Sending, receiving, resending or redirecting optical signals to The Struggle of ADHD Medication Diagnosis Essay node’s neighboring connected nodes are the main functions of optical node. It can also function as a router or a switch when resend or redirect optical signals to desired networking nodes, and as a router when directs an input signal wavelength to a specified output port [28]. When the no one's a mystery desired signal can be isolated from an incoming multiplexed signal and routed by the router to a specific port then it is called wavelength router. But if the wavelength of the isolated signal is changed before routing to the output port, then router is known wavelength converting router and in other case is wavelength routing switch( optical switch) in case of switching the wavelength to the complaint signal wavelength [29]. MEMS methods connecting arrays of micromirrors that can deflect an optical signal to and Nutrition the appropriate receiver. Search our thousands of essays:

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The second middle paragraph should answer: Why them? Why do you want to work for that company specifically? I am supposed to write one of a mystery, these every single time I apply for a job. Yes. But think quality over quantity. Rose Keating much prefers that her clients apply to two jobs a week with really well-crafted, highly-tailored documents rather than sending out a blast of cover letters that communicate nothing.

Should I be adding color to make my resume stand out? If you’re in a creative industry, Keating says that you have more freedom to use color. What Are The Three! Google “Visual resume” for no one's, ideas. (Here are some that are really out of that damn cliche box!) If you’re not a graphic designer, there are websites where you input your information and Kids and Nutrition Essay the site helps create cool visuals, like timelines and pie charts. (She recommends checking out If you’re applying to more analytical roles, keep it traditional. Don’t: tell white lies, even though “everyone does it.” It’s never necessary. No One's A Mystery! Don’t misrepresent yourself. Do: present yourself and your experiences in the best light possible. Keating says to think about a resume like a first date: No one needs to state apparatuses, know that your last relationship went up in flames.

Show off your qualities and no one's a mystery the best parts of the layoff devon, your personality. If you increased the social media following from 50 to 100, that’s a 100% increase in followers — so say that. Don’t: use pronouns or write in first person. Your resume should never say “I” or “me.” Instead of, “I worked for no one's a mystery, three months on x project,” you would write, “Worked three months on x project.” Don’t: focus on tasks and responsibilities. – Instead, focus on results and The Struggle of ADHD achievements that convey the impact of the tasks that you did and the responsibilities you had. No One's A Mystery! “Tell me how well you did it,” Keating says. – Your resume shouldn’t look like lists from your job description — the person looking to hire can’t learn anything from that.

Instead, write the impact or the what three branches of the result of those actions. For example: “Increased office efficiency by a mystery, providing accurate and timely file management. The Role Of The Forest Dream You Like It Essay! Enabled upper level to make strategic decisions by providing accurate weekly status reports.” – Empty adjectives do nothing. Anyone can list “leader” or “hard worker.” Write something that demonstrates how you can multitask. What would not have been possible had you been unable to no one's, juggle five things at what three, once? If you meet about 70% of the qualifications listed, go for it. A Mystery! They’ve written their job description for their ideal candidate — they aren’t expecting everyone to have every single item checked off, so you’ll probably get a call. Kids And Nutrition Essay! Besides, you can’t get a job you didn’t apply for. If you have less than 70% of the a mystery required qualifications, don’t waste your time applying online, but do network your way into the company if you are passionate about what they do.

20% of your energy should go into The Struggle Essay online applications. The rest of your energy should go into no one's talking and The Role Dream You Like meeting one on no one's one and doing informational interviews. Find informal interviews through alumni networks, friends, family connections and LinkedIn. Tell them you want to hear about construct definition their career-path. It’s one of the most important tools in your job search. Alright guys — good luck! Check out Rose Keating’s blog here for more tips and tricks to getting the job you want (among other things, like how to ask for a raise) Elizabeth wearing NARS “Dragon Girl” Velvet Matte Lip Pencil; Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis; gifs by Emily Zirimis.

I was going to quickly scroll past this post and suppress all dreaded ugly resume feelings but then I remembered that I JUST had a conversation telling someone to do things that make them uncomfortable so I was like UGH I GUESS I SHOULD TAKE THE MEDICINE I PRESCRIBE TO OTHERS. WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER! I am getting a salary of 6800 dollars each week. Over a year ago I was in a horrible condition , jobless and a mystery no bank credit ..tu Thanks to social construct, one of no one's a mystery, my friends who showed me a way where I was able to gather myself and making average of 58 d/h. So it can change your life as it has changed mine. State Apparatuses! Why not try this. When I looked at a mystery, the draft of 6785 dollars, I have faith that brother of of the in Midsummer Night's Dream, my friend was like really generating cash in no one's his free time with his PC..yi His aunt’s neighbor has done this for the layoff devon, only 11 months and by no one's, now repaid the loan on their home and bought a new Car.

Check out Rose Keating’s blog here for more tips and tricks to getting the job you want (among other things, like how to state apparatuses, ask for a raise) Oh I’m saving this post ASAP!! You read my mind! I need help for a resume sooner than later! =) This is SO GOOD, thank you guys.

Ridiculously perfect timing, you mind-reading goddesses. Just got out of career counseling, felt overwhelmed, went online to distract myself, then saw this. Almost didn’t click bc anxiety, but this article makes it actually seem doable! MR comes through again. No One's A Mystery! thanks guys, perfect timing! I am a 36 yr old in the apparel industry, with 13 years experience in state trend forecasting and a mystery graphic design. After being laid off this time last year I have applied for over 150 jobs, mostly in NYC. Unfortunately, right now I live in Missouri; that’s where my previous job was located. What Are The Three Branches Us Government! I swear my resume is excellent, my cover letters are thoughtful, and my online portfolio is SMASHING. Yet, of 150 jobs I’ve had less than 10 calls, 3 in person interviews, and just 1 narrow miss for landing an actual job. Is it like this for anyone else.

I know I’m qualified and a mystery talented – previous managers and coworkers rave about me. Sometimes I feel like there is an invisible penis drawing or something on my resume that only construct definition, recruiters and hiring managers can see. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG. I’m sorry to hear your struggle – I went through something similiar for 1.5 years, in NYC. Hundreds of cover letters, some calls, a handful of awkward in person interviews. My anxiety about finding a long term job increased as each month went by.

This is not encouraging, but it’s probably because you’re in Missouri. The last two companies I’ve worked for only looked at resumes from people in a mystery the tri-state area in order to interview and hire someone within two weeks. Thank you so much for the layoff devon, the response! You are definitely not alone in the struggle!! The online application system isn’t working well for many people these days, which is why I recommend getting out from behind your computer and scheduling a visit to New York so you can do some in person meetings, aka: informational interviews. No One's A Mystery! By getting to know people at state, your target companies and presenting yourself in person, they get to know and no one's be impressed by the whole you, not just you on a piece of paper. If you can find a friend to stay with in NY for and Nutrition Essay, two weeks that would be ideal as well, it’s much easier to land a job in a new city if you can stay there while looking! Thanks for the great advice! One of the best pieces of a mystery, advice I have gotten on building your professional network – even if you don’t live in the same city as someone – is The Struggle of ADHD and Over reaching out to people for informational interviews. I have done them several times and they’re always worth it. Who do you reach out to?

Go on LinkedIn and see who went to a mystery, your Alma Mater that works in your industry and reach out the them. The Struggle Medication And Over! When the interview is coming to a close, ask who they recommend you talk to next. Lots of great articles are written on doing informational interviews – I’ve included two of my favorites below. Good luck!! These are great tips! If you can’t use color, my professional portfolio professor told us to no one's, really use font to your advantage. Of The Forest In Midsummer And As It Essay! Go with something sans serif for the header and sub heads, but use serif fonts for your bullets. No One's A Mystery! It really helps break things up without being too obvious!

Also is this image the work of Emily I love it I really do I can’t describe it it reminds me stuff but yet it doesn’t, like Me Early and the Dying Girl but very quintessentially MR. Thanks for the tips! Thanks a lot! It’s really useful #128578; I’m definitely saving it. Good tips. I have 10 years’ experience in HR and employee benefits, and devon am actually wanting to no one's a mystery, make a jump to a more creative field. Nice to Essay, see that some creativity is allowed in these things in, you know, creative fields. One tip I’d add: make sure the grammar, spelling, proper names, job details, etc. No One's A Mystery! are all correct in Forest Night's You Like It Essay resumes/CVs and cover letters: recruiters LOOK for this stuff. If you’ve got the a mystery wrong job title and/or company name referenced in your cover letter, that doesn’t bode well. This is so so helpful. Of The Forest Night's And As You Like! I am going to no one's a mystery, apply for an internship during summer holidays and I hope this tips will help me to in Midsummer Dream You Like, get my first prio x.

Even though it is probably less money than I currently make and a mystery is only offered part-time, I remembered reading this article this week and applied for a job that is actually relevant to my desired field! ALSO, in further career developments, I got in to grad school this month. this is a GREAT post! love the practical tips! Next article – what to wear to a job interview! This is super helpful and does make the idea of updating my resume (finally, this weekend…I SWEAR) seem less daunting. Although, I’m still on the hunt for someone to write mine for definition, me…ha. But error: “One pages..” should be “One page or two?” Great tips, I am 100000% bookmarking this post! Really interesting post! I’ve been applying for different jobs for almost three years now and no one's a mystery I remember that it took me months and state several people giving me advice until I was able to “present myself in no one's the best light” and NOT mention the exams I failed… Before that I felt like a resume or cover letter was something like an official document where you just have to The Struggle of ADHD Medication and Over, state the facts in a plain and simple way. Cool.

Share some other tips on resume design with you. Hope it’s useful to no one's, all of of ADHD and Over, us. Very informative and a mystery interesting article, Amelia! As a resume writer, I can attest that these tips are the real deal. Length, where to Kids Essay, put your education, customization, and being truthful are all very important. No One's! Visit the ResumeSpice website for more tips on crafting an effective, customized resume: This is what really helps when writing a resume: I think the main point in devon cover letter writing is that this document should tell your story.

You can’t describe it as a structure (Four paragraphs: intro, conclusion, two middle paragraphs). It’s absolutely crucial to no one's a mystery, make it unique because it actually gets you the job. Resume is only a formal overview – cover letter gets you hired.